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Compensation Leadership for ALL  

BEA HR provides access to world-class, affordable on-demand compensation support for savvy HR leaders of small and mid-sized companies

A New Approach
Even small and medium-sized companies have big challenges when it comes to designing incentives, paying competitively, creating pay structures, developing compensation strategies and presenting to CFOs, CEOs and Boards.
BEA HR understands that while your challenges might mirror those of a large company, your fast pace, tight budgets and limited internal resources certainly don’t.  BEA HR understands and is here to help with these challenges.

It's time to talk to BEA HR if you...

  • Want to use rewards to fuel company performance, engagement and retention

  • Wonder how your pay stacks up against the market

  • Need short or long-term incentives that align and motivate your employees

  • Have outgrown your comp structure or don't yet have one

  • Want help supporting and advising your CFO, CEO and/or Board

  • Need another experienced HR leader to brainstorm or collaborate with

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